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What are the next steps?

1.Place your order!   25% Payment
We work out what is the best model for your lifestyle and budget. Once you have put down your deposit, we find you the right van, with the right mileage and engine size.

2.We found the van for you! 
Our import partners have secured the purchase of your van and we arrange shipping. 
3.Choose your interior!
There are six interior design options – six mood boards with fabrics, worktops, cupboard laminates, tambour doors and flooring finishes. Choose your mood board, choose your appliances and storage preferences.

4.Your van is on its way!
         Yes - an order status update! The journey has begun. Your van is being shipped to the UK!

5.Your van has arrived in the UK!    25% payment 
Your van just docked and will be with us soon.
6.Your van has just arrived!
Your van has just been delivered to us in Grangemouth!
7.MOT complete!
We have run multiple checks aon your van and it has now officially passed its first MOT!
8.DVLA registration complete!
It’s official – You van is legally reistered and categorised as a Campervan. The DVLA call it Camperisation!
9.It’s on the production line!    25% payment  
It’s official, your van has been prepped and undersealed and is now rolling onto the production line to be kitted out to your spec.
10. Your registration plate has arrived!
We'll update your order status and email you your number plate details so you can get your insurance sorted for your van.

11. Pre-delivery inspection - ready for collection 
We have put your campervan van through a thorough 256 point checklist to clear through our Pre-Delivery Inspection – The PDI. It has now been valeted to the highest standard. Your van is spotless and now ready for you to collect.

12. The handover!    25% payment
We need two hours of your time to show you how your campervan works, explain your warranty ato you and make sure that you are ready to drive away safely. If you have travelled from afar to pick up your van, we suggest an overnight stay locally. That way, we are on hand for any questions you mighthave about your new campervan.

How efficient is the hybrid Alphard Eco Camper?

The hybrid Alphard achieves about twice the fuel efficiency specified by Japanese 2010 Fuel Efficiency Standards, while also qualifying as an ultra-low emission vehicle, consuming fuel at the rate of one litre every 17.2km (in the Japanese 10-15 test cycle). This equates to around 43mpg. In our own road tests we managed about 41mpg.

What other techy stuff is good to know?

There’s lots of design innovation to improve your driving and camping experience. Check these out: • Reduced drive resistance The highly aerodynamic body design along with reductions of the operating resistance in each part of the powertrain have reduced drive resistance and loss of drive energy, resulting in lower fuel consumption. • Insulated body The specially developed windshield glass reduces the amount of solar radiation penetration and the roof and roof panels contain an insulating material to reduce cabin temperature, which helps conserve energy when the air conditioner is operating. • Intuitive air conditioning system The hybrid Alphard uses the world's first two-way compressor with a built-in motor. The engine powers the air conditioner when it is running, and the compressor's internal motor powers it when the engine is not running, helping to conserve energy and provide enhanced comfort.

What’s the warranty deal?

As standard we offer a full year’s mechanical warranty on the base vehicle plus two years’ warranty on all our conversion work and fitted appliances. There’s an unbeatable five-year warranty on the hybrid battery (conditions apply, such as ensuring the battery is not overheated or left standing without charge for periods of inactivity). Our skilled servicing team also offers continued servicing support on all aspects of the hybrid components after this period.

Is finance available?

Yes. Our finance partners offer a range of finance options on all campervan orders. For more details, visit our finance page.

What is the road tax and insurance on this vehicle?

Because the base vehicles are imported from Japan, there is a blanket import road-tax levy – currently £270. Insurance varies according to age, driving history and postcode. Premiums are typically between £250 and £400, although these can be much higher if you live in the centre of a busy city, have just obtained your driving licence or have recent claims or convictions. Call us for details of good insurers, we are happy to help.