We love to help people create exciting adventures on the road while being sustainable and environmentally friendly – it’s what we’re all about at CampervanCo! We are passionate pioneers in the design and build of innovative, efficient, environmentally friendly campervans, we offer a wealth of engineering experience and technical expertise.

We work closely with our customers to deliver bespoke, custom-built, cost-effective campervans to their own spec. So whatever your needs – recreational, lifestyle, special interest, family or even work – we craft with imagination, experience and care to create the dream campervan for your big adventures.

Discover more about Gary’s rise to prominence and the environmental journey he has taken with CampervanCo in the interview with Lucinda Hawksley on the Goldster Purpose, Passion & Grit podcast.


There is nothing like the open road. Nothing beats leaving the city behind for an adventure brimming with possibility – big skies, mountains, forest, wilderness, the sea.

Taking off with everything you need right there in your rear-view mirror. No accommodation required, no hotel to arrange, no restaurants to book. Just you, the dog and the road unwinding before you. There’s a special kind of happy in that.


Established in 2006 as Campers Scotland Ltd, we started out as a hire company with five Mazda Bongos and grew into Scotland’s premier campervan retailer – and one of the UK’s largest, most respected importers of high-quality used Japanese vans.

Pioneers of the world’s first-generation environmentally friendly Eco Campers, we want everyone to tread lightly. We offer the world’s first fully hybrid and tribrid 4WD vans that can take you to remote places with unrivalled fuel economy.


Gary Hayes

Gary Hayes

Managing Director

Paul Davidson

General Manager

Kris Doyle

Head of sales & marketing

Our mission is to ensure you enjoy your adventures in style…

…with the latest engineering technologies, comfortable living spaces and state-of-the-art innovations that don’t cost the earth. Literally.

Toyota Alphard Hybrid Eco Pioneer

We offer the ultimate freedom ...

…with hybrid and tribrid environmentally friendly campervans that can take you off the beaten track to remote places with unrivalled fuel economy to make sure you tread lightly.

If you want serious off road thrills...

... we’ve got that covered too. You bring the dream, we'll build the campervan to take you there.


A different type of adventure