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Looking to make a sustainable and eco-friendly impact in the tourism industry? Adding Eco Campervans for for the benefits of your commercial fleet or tourism business, is a great way to do so! By embracing these innovative vehicles, you can become part of the fast-growing eco-tourism sector and attract environmentally-conscious customers.

In today's world, the importance of reducing carbon footprints associated with leisure activities is more evident than ever before. By offering electric or hybrid campervans, your tourism business can demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and attract customers who prioritize eco-friendly travel.

Now is the perfect time for tourism businesses to take the first steps towards a sustainable future and get ahead of the competition. By offering electric or hybrid campervans, you'll differentiate yourself from other businesses in the industry and provide a unique selling point that appeals to eco-conscious customers.

With our electric and hybrid campervans, you can offer your customers a one-of-a-kind travel experience while also reducing your environmental impact. So why wait? Embrace the future of eco-tourism and contact us today to learn more about how electric or hybrid campervans can benefit your tourism business in the UK!

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CampervanCo has pioneered the world’s first fully hybrid 4WD campervans, and now the first modular all-electric EV camper. The Toyota hybrid models are the first generation of environmentally friendly vehicles that can go off-road to remote locations, and deliver unrivalled fuel economy. They also offer spacious sleeping and living areas with stand-alone electric cooking and food prep facilities, with our patented omni-slide hob for alfresco cooking. We offer two versions of the Alphard: the Eco Pioneer which sleeps four, and the Eco Explorer which sleeps five. The all-electric Toyota Proace is a brand new vehicle which has been customised to enable it to be a 7-seater, and then quickly transformed by clipping-out the seats, and clipping-in the kitchen to be a zero-emissions off-grid campervan.


With all our campervans, we customise your vehicle to your specification, livery and incorporate your branding and styles inside and out. We offer designs for rental companies, travel companies, and connected options for bloggers & journalists which can include satellite and/or 4G/5G connectivity.

We continue to look after your vehicle, with servicing, habitation checks, repairs & warranty work, as well as being able to make modifications that you need. When it's time to renew your vehicle, we can resell it for you with a fixed percentage commission and we also provide very competitive long-term HP finance with low monthly costs.


Eco Campervans for Commercial and Tourism - CampevanCo Toyota Proace Conversion

Toyota Proace REVOLUTION

CampervanCo launched the world’s first low-emissions Hybrid Eco Campervan in 2016. This pioneering work paved the way for the next generation of zero-emission RVs and our latest launch of the Toyota Proace Eco REVOLUTION. As far as Eco Campervans for commercial or tourism purposes go, the compact yet robust nature of the Proace makes it an incredible option.This campervan showcases all the latest technology aimed at reducing RV emissions to zero, way ahead of the UK government’s 2030 deadline.
Eco Campervans for Commercial and Tourism - CampevanCo Toyota Alphard Conversion

Toyota Alphard - Eco Pioneer II

The Toyota Alphard Eco Pioneer II utilizes technology uniquely designed by CampervanCo to provide a new class of hybrid performance and battery technology. The unique capabilities it delivers gives you a new level of freedom to experience the outdoors off-grid with zero-emissions. You can cook and use mains-powered appliances thanks to a lithium battery with high power output, for days of green power and home comfort.
Blue Toyota Alphard Campervan - Eco Camper

Toyota Alphard - Eco Pioneer

The Eco Pioneer, an eco-friendly Campervan that offers a true wilderness experience and is packed new hybrid and tribrid technology! With this innovative technology, you can bypass campsites and immerse yourself in nature while enjoying all the modern comforts of home. Say goodbye to the need for 240v hook-up or gas, as the Eco Pioneer is fully powered with its built-in hybrid and tribrid technology. You can cook your meals inside or out with the super-fast induction hob, and stay warm and snug with the inbuilt heating system. Charge up all your essential devices, including your tablet, laptop, and smartphone, with the convenient USB points located throughout the Campervan. Whether you're on a commercial or tourism trip, the Eco Pioneer offers the perfect blend of convenience, comfort, and eco-friendliness. The Eco Pioneer gives you the opportunity to make your commercial or tourism trip an eco-friendly adventure.
The Toyota Alphard - The Eco Pioneer Campervan that's perfect for tourism or commercial use

Toyota Alphard - Eco Explorer

The five-seater Eco Explorer is the ultimate city-to-country vehicle. Its low-emissions, five seats and huge, adjustable boot-space make it the ideal family car about town with one exciting difference: it is also a spacious five-berth campervan. With two bed areas, cooker, fridge, swivel front seats and elevating roof, it is also the world's most versatile and technologically advanced eco camper. And with prices starting at just £20,700+vat, the peerless Eco Explorer represents exceptional value. The Toyota Alphard has been the most popular Eco Campervans for commercial and tourism usage so far.


Our Eco Campers offer stylish aerodynamics and airy, luxurious interiors. Designed for comfort, they offer seamless driving with automatic transmission. These smart campervans come with a host of luxury features and extras including air-con, mood lighting, side blinds, parking cameras, climate control, toasty heaters, remote locking, USB charging points and super wide beds. With a variety of options on appliances, induction hobs, microwaves, ovens and multiple storage layouts too, choose from one of our stylish six mood boards: Forest, Munro, Heather, Sunset, Marine and Meadow that combine worktops, upholstery, fabrics, flooring, tambour doors and laminate finishes to create the campervan of your dreams.

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