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2WD & 4WD


High performance

The CampervanCo currently offers three excellent unleaded campervans; The Nissan Elgrand – Velocity, The Toyota Alphard – Connect and The Mitsubishi Delica – D:5 Terrain. Each van encompasses innovation and luxury, excellent fuel economy, ultra-low emissions and off-road thrills. All top-quality Japanese imports, these are high-spec, high-performance vehicles designed for adventures in comfort and style.

We also offer a high-performance diesel, the Volkswagen T6 Transporter – Vision. Spacious with four, five and six-seater options, robust in 2WD or 4WD, the T6 is renowned for reliability and holding its value.

Nissan Elgrand Velocity Campervan

Custom built

With all our campervans, we customise your vehicle to your specifications, keeping in mind how you want to use it.  We offer designs for hillwalkers, canoeists, cyclists, families, dog owners and ‘grey nomads’ (aka retirees), to name just a few groups who love our campervans.

Due to ultra-low emissions, fuel efficiency and the fact that these vans are easy to drive and park, many of our clients use their camper as a day-to-day runaround for the school run, supermarket shop or taking the pooch to the park. Then, come the weekend, they pack up and head to the great outdoors for freedom and adventure.

Orange Mitsubishi Delica 4WD Campervan

Mitsubishi Delica - D:5 Terrain

Imported from Japan as the smart, chunky Mitsubishi Delica, the sensational D:5 Terrain is like no other campervan. Reimagined by the CampervanCo for off-road adventures in wild, rugged places, you can camp on beaches, cook in a forest, sleep by a loch and rumble up the muddy tracks of spectacular glens. The D:5 Terrain was made for the UK's stunning scenery – especially Scotland's challenging landscapes.
Blue Volkswagen Transporter T6 - Campervan

Volkswagen T6 Transporter - Vision

A 2.0 litre diesel engine, the Volkswagen Transporter T6 - Vision is much loved for its larger interior space and available in a short and long wheelbase. It can seat four, five or six people and is robust in both 2WD and 4WD options. Its diesel emissions come in at an impressive 171-239g/km meeting Euro 6 emissions standards. All base vehicles made after 2017 are Euro 6 and are therefore Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) compliant.
Nissan Elgrand white countryroad

Nissan Elgrand - Velocity

Powered by a 2.5 or 3.5 litre V6 engine, the Elgrand Velocity gets 28mpg and 22mpg respectively and has a four-star rating for emissions, which are 75% lower than required by Japan’s 2005 Emissions Standards. On board is a host of superior features including air-con, side blinds, dual climate control, solid beech worktop and luxury kitchen units and extra-long travel swivel seats for better comfort.
Gun metal Toyota Alphard Campervan

Toyota Alphard - Connect

The best-selling MPV in Japan, the popular Alphard is a spacious, stylish campervan that offers reliability and great value, with prices starting from £18,995. Sleeping four adults, the Alphard Connect offers an airy, luxurious interior, stylish aerodynamics and is powered by a very reliable and economical 2.4 litre 16-valve 158bhp petrol engine – or the more powerful 3 litre V6 petrol engine if desired.


There is nothing like the open road. Nothing like leaving behind the city for an adventure full of possibility – big skies, mountains, forest, wilderness, and the sea. Taking off with everything you need right there with you in the rear-view mirror. No hotels required, no accommodation needed, no restaurants to book. Just you, your co-pilot, the kids, the dog and the road unravelling before you.

All of our campers range come with 4WD capability as an option for those who want to venture off the beaten track.


Adventures in style

The Toyota Alphard – Connect, Nissan Elgrand – Velocity, Mitsubishi Delica – D:5 Terrain and Volkswagen T6 Transporter – Vision, all offer stylish, ergonomically designed, luxurious interiors that are uniquely designed for each model to maximise space and comfort. These beautiful campervans come with a host of luxury features and extras including air-con and heating, mood lighting, side blinds and USB chargers, luxury seats and vari-track beds.

With many options on appliances, hobs, microwaves, ovens and multiple storage layouts too, just choose from one of our six stylish mood boards: Royal Castle, Summer Cottage, Forest Lodge, Wild Peacock, Mountain Chalet and Tasty Townhouse that combine worktops, upholstery, fabrics, flooring, tambour doors and laminate finishes to create the campervan of your dreams.



All models in our campers range have a distinct stand-out feature that makes them appealing and attractive to different lifestyles. The Toyota Alphard – Connect is easy to use and very popular as a family car and campervan.

The Nissan Elgrand – Velocity is loved for its diff-lock and copes well in ice and wet conditions. Its luxury feel and flexibility, including the extra travel seats means it is spacious, and with prices starting at just £17,995, it’s affordable too.

The Volkswagen Transporter T6 – Vision is much loved for its larger interior space and is available in short and long wheelbase. It can seat four to six people and is robust in both 2WD and 4WD options.

The Mitsubishi Delica – D:5 Terrain is for the serious off-roader. This chunky, solid 4WD with fully electric interior and diff-lock is a whole lot of fun.

Volkswagen T6 Transporter - Vision

  • 2.0 litre turbo diesel
  • 4, 5 or 6 seater
  • 2WD or 4WD
  • Hi-top, Elevating or HiLo Roof
  • Camping power

2.0 litre turbo diesel

Lady and dog with Blue Volkswagen Transporter T6 - Campervan

The T6 Vision Camper is the sixth generation Volkswagen Transporter and successor to the T5. The highly efficient 2.0 ltr diesel engine offers 39.8-45.6mpg depending on power configuration and wheelbase. The lower emissions Blue Motion diesel engine is also available.

Inside a Volkswagen Transporter T6 - Campervan

4, 5 or 6 seater

The Volkswagen Transporter T6 – Vision is much loved for its larger interior space and is available short and long whee base. It can come as a four, five or six-seater depending on passenger and rear seat choices.

Blue Volkswagen Transporter T6 - Campervan

2WD or 4WD

This 2.0 litre turbo diesel is available in the 4MOTION 4WD or regular front-wheel drive 2WD.

Hi-top, Elevating or HiLo Roof

Lady and dog with Blue Volkswagen Transporter T6 - Campervan

All of the elevating roof options are spacious, creating extra head height, storage and top bunk area. Multiple colour choices in tent fabric are available. We also offer the incredible elevating HiLo roof in this model.

Camping power

Inside Volkswagen Transporter T6 - Campervan

This campervan comes with up to five different sources of internal power. The electric hook-up system connects the camper to 240v AC campsite power for high-voltage continuous power to three-point plug sockets while also trickle-charging the leisure battery for hassle-free camping. The leisure battery provides days of power to appliances and 12v power and 5v USB sockets. A gas-compliant system gives anytime power to the double ring cooker and if fitted, an on-board gas heating system. Solar panels can be fitted to provide electric back-up to the leisure battery, giving even greater camping independence.

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Campers FAQs

Toyota Alphard - Connect | Nissan Elgrand - Velocity | Mitsubishi Delica - D:5 Terrain | VW T6 - Vision

How’s the engine power and fuel economy?

All four vehicles in the Campers range have beefy engines. The most powerful is the Nissan Elgrand 3.5 V6 – no campervan that can move as speedily as this. The VW Vision is the only diesel vehicle in the range. This comes with the Blue Motion option, which gives lower emissions and qualifies as an ultra low emissions vehicle in all post 2017 models. The Toyota Alphard - Connect is powered by a very reliable and economical 2.4 litre 16-valve 160bhp petrol engine, or the more powerful 3.0 litre V6 201bhp petrol engine, offering 28mpg/24mpg respectively. The Nissan Elgrand - Velocity is powered by an efficient, award-winning 2.5 litre 206bhp or 3.5 litre V6 300bhp petrol engine, offering 28mpg/22mpg respectively. The Vision Volkswagen T6 Transporter has a front-wheel drive 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine and offers 168 bhp and around 28 mpg. Ultra low emissions compliant (ie are Euro 6), it is available with a range of engine and gearbox combinations, including DSG dual clutch gearbox and 4MOTION all-wheel drive.

Are these vehicles four-wheel drive (4WD)?

While all our campervans are available in a 4WD option, only the Mitsubishi Delica - D:5 Terrain is capable of going properly off-road. This all-terrain campervan has a 'rib-bone' frame Monocoque chassis with electric diff-lock and optional 2WD to 4WD selector, giving a truly exhilarating off-road experience. With the optional heightened suspension, this will take you places no other campervan in the world is capable of. The Alphard comes with four or five-speed automatic in 2WD and 4WD models. The 4WD features Toyota’s LSD auto-4WD, which engages 4WD only when required. The Elgrand offers a tiptronic five-speed automatic and is available in 2WD and elective 4WD with differential lock option – which is great in snowy and muddy conditions. A ‘power’ option on the dash also creates a faster drive. The Vision Volkswagen T6 Transporter is available in the 4MOTION package. This has the Haldex4 viscous coupling differential which offers intelligent traction control in difficult conditions. Optional off-road suspension and wheel upgrades are possible for more challenging conditions.

How clean are the engines?

Like all our top-of-the-range Japanese imports, the Alphard, D5: Terrain and the Elgrand have low emissions that meet strict Japanese emissions criteria. Both have a four-star rating for emissions which are 75% lower than required by Japan’s 2005 Emission Standards and 10% better than Japan’s 2010 Fuel Economy Standards. All the unleaded campervans are compliant with ultra low emission standards, such as London's Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ), provided the base vehicle was manufactured in 2006 or later. All VW T6 base vehicles built after 2017 confirm to very strict Euro 6 standards, allowing them to travel in Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ).

Are the base vehicles brand new?

The VW T6 Vision campervans are available in used or brand new base vehicles. Our Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi models are high-grade, low-mileage used vehicles imported from the highly regarded used-car market in Japan, where they drive on the left, just as in the UK. Imported via the CampervanCo’s international network, we have been sourcing high-quality Japanese vehicles for more than a decade. As Scotland's leading importer, we offer the best available low-mileage vehicles aged 10 years or older, anywhere. While this may seem quite old, the Japanese used vehicle market is at least 10 years ahead of the UK market in terms of equipment and technology. Japanese vehicles of this age are equivalent to two or three-year old vehicles in the UK in terms of condition and technology. There are many reasons the Japanese market offers such quality: salt is not used on their roads; vehicles cannot be parked on city streets overnight (so most are garaged); MOTs are very strict and expensive; and more vehicles are traded in at the three-year mark than any other country, offering an abundance of nearly new vehicles. This makes the Toyota Alphard, Mitsubishi Terrain and Nissan Elgrand strong on quality and value – costing up to £10,000 less than a regular used diesel VW campervan for example. We source our new and used VW T6 base vehicles direct from VW or approved dealers.

How many people can they sleep?

The Alphard, Mitsubishi and the Elgrand campervans can seat and sleep four adults. The VW T6 Vision can seat four to six people depending on the interior configuration. In the VW Vision we can create a three-seater rock-and-roll bed/seat in the rear to add an extra passenger as well as keep the double bench seat at the front to allow seating for three there too. This is only available in the side conversion.

Do they have electric hook-up and other power options?

Yes. All models have a 12v leisure battery, a car battery and a 240v electric hook-up. The leisure and car batteries are charged via the alternator and a split-charge relay system. A round blue plug to connect to campsite 240v electric hook-up is included in the package. This also powers an on-board 240v to 12v (AC to DC) charger that keeps the leisure battery charged every time you are connected to campsite power. Another option is a solar power roof panel that keeps the leisure battery charged off-grid.

How do the induction hobs work?

Available only in the Eco Campers range and the Mitsubishi D:5 Terrain, these are safe, superfast electric hobs powered by our high-power lithium leisure battery system. Instead of direct heat they create an electro-magnetic field that heats the pan, not the hob. So they are not only cold to touch, but speedy and highly efficient, transferring most of the energy directly into the pan and the food. Our tests found that a pint of water can boil in around three minutes and that you can expect three days of cooking without a recharge.

What’s the warranty deal?

As standard we offer a full year’s mechanical warranty on the base vehicle plus two years' warranty on all our conversion work and fitted appliances.

Is finance available?

Yes. Our finance partners offer a range of finance options on all campervan orders. For more details, visit our finance page.

What does the road tax and insurance cost?

Base vehicles that are imported from Japan have a blanket import road-tax levy – currently £270. The Volkswagen T6 Transporter - Vision is £300 to tax for the year. Insurance varies according to age, driving history and postcode. Premiums are typically between £250 and £700, although these can be much higher if you live in the centre of a busy city, have just obtained your driving licence or have recent claims or convictions. Call us for details of good insurers, we are happy to help.

Can I buy this on the European continent?

Yes. We can export to all EU countries (transportation costs apply). Please note the Toyota Alphard - Connect, Mitsubishi -D:5 Terrain and the Nissan Elgrand - Velocity models come in right-hand drive only. Please consult with your local importation office to check rules and regulations applying to campervan and vehicle importation before buying.

Can I buy this in the US or Canada?

Not yet. There are considerable import restrictions to vehicles into both countries that prevent sales there for the time being. But watch this space, we are looking at solutions.