Mitsubishi Delica,
the D:5 Terrain

The D:5 base vehicle is built on an all new GS Platform that it shares with the Outlander, Lancer, Lancer Evolution X, and RSR. Mitsubishi’s major improvements have come in the development of the chassis which is now a Rib-bone frame Monocoque. The Terrain is built to sleep and cater for four people. Cook using two renewable energy cookers, switch on the diff-lock for slippy off-road surfaces and sleep in sub-zero temperatures comfortably. This ground-breaking, off-road campervan has multiple features you would expect from a top of the range Campervan with a host of cutting edge features designed for the truly adventurous spirit.

Tech Specs


Max horsepower168bhp

Gears 6-step

CylindersStraight 4

Capacity 2.4 litre

Four-wheel drive optionwith 2WD switch option

CookingTwo induction hobs

Solar panelsLithium super-power battery

Sleeps 4 peopleComes with elevating roof

USB docking stationsSwivels seats to front


£ 25996
fully converted




petrol engine

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THE toyota TriBRID



The Toyota Hybrid Eco Camper

The Toyota Alphard Hybrid is one of the most popular hybrid vehicles in Japan and incorporates Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive. This combines the power and convenience of a low-emission petrol engine and the economy and efficiency of an electric power capture and drive system. When the engine is running, it charges the battery via the generator; when driving conditions allow, such as in slow-moving traffic, the generator can cut out the petrol engine and let the electric motor take over for zero-emissions driving. The sophisticated engine management system can sense when the car is stationary and will switch off the engine to conserve power and cut emissions, automatically starting up again when required. At The CampervanCo we have utilised this unique system to power our super-fast induction hobs, providing cooking power anywhere and anytime. 

Tech Specs

the tribrid version

Our über-green tribrid version offers the economic and ecological benefits of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), also known as Autogas. This creates safe and efficient natural gas power that works alongside the petrol and electric power options. Not only is LPG half the price of petrol (providing the economic equivalent of 80mpg), it emits a fraction of the toxins associated with petrol and diesel. It can extend tank range to over 1000 miles without refuelling. Offering exceptional range and economy, the tribrid outperforms any campervan on the market.

Four-wheel drive

Elevating roof

Seats and sleeps five people

Safe, super-fast induction hobs

Omni-slide cooker that allows cooking inside or out

Modular kitchen units with storage options

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