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Deposits, payments, collections, unexpected costs, delays and returns

Terms & Conditions for CampervanCo Black Friday Sale 2023

Sale Period:
The Black Friday Sale at CampervanCo commenced at 00:01 am on Thursday, 23rd November. The sale concluded at 17:00 on Tuesday 30th November.

Discount Offer:
A 10% discount is applicable to all campervans listed on the stock page during the sale period.

The discount is valid for new customers only. All purchases must be made within the specified sale period to qualify for the discount.

How to Avail the Discount:
To avail the 10% discount, customers must make their purchase with CampervanCo during the sale period only. The discount will be applied to eligible campervans at the time you make your reservation.

The discount is not applicable to accessories, services, or products not listed on the stock page.
The discount cannot be combined with any other ongoing promotions or offers.

Returns and Exchanges:
Campervans purchased during the Black Friday Sale are subject to CampervanCo’s standard return and exchange policies, listed below these Black Friday terms and conditions.

Limited Stock:
The Black Friday Sale discount is subject to availability, and CampervanCo reserves the right to limit quantities.

Orders canceled during the sale period will not be eligible for the Black Friday discount upon reordering.

CampervanCo reserves the right to modify or terminate the Black Friday Sale or these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Contact Information:
For any queries or assistance related to the Black Friday Sale, customers can contact CampervanCo using our contact form.

By participating in the CampervanCo Black Friday Sale, customers agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

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Thank you for ordering your campervan from us. Our aim is to deliver the ideal campervan for you and to your personal specification. The CampervanCo custom builds all campervans to order and the majority of the vehicles we order are to customer’s requirements. Thank you for your 30% deposit; you are protected by the Consumer Rights Act and nothing here challenges your consumer rights. By accepting your order and 30% deposit we promise to deliver your campervan to the highest standards and to the specification agreed. By paying the 30% non-refundable deposit, you agree to commit to the order and the full purchase of the vehicle.


The CampervanCo then spreads the remaining 70% of the outstanding payments across two key points when we incur costs for the production of the customer’s vehicle. This works as follows:

Once the final payment is made, you will be contacted to arrange a collection date.

Unexpected costs and delays

The CampervanCo aims to build and deliver your campervan within the time frame specified at the time of order. The build process often involves importing base vehicles from abroad (such as Japan) and there can be transport delays outwith our control. But we will keep you informed if this is the case. We reserve the right to adjust prices in the event of external factors beyond our control, such as excessive exchange-rate changes, new adverse trade tariffs caused by issues like Brexit, or changes in shipping costs. Please note that to date we have never made any adjustments to prices due any of these factors, but in this time of Brexit uncertainty we have to be prepared for all events, even if unlikely. The CampervanCo keeps a close eye on potential developments that may have an impact on the purchase price of our campervans and tends to adjust prices prior to sale, and not after.

As the CampervanCo imports the majority of our vehicles from Japan, weather or unforeseen delays in ports, UK customs clearance, dock handling and transportation to our depot can sometimes cause delays. All our imported vehicles are covered by maritime insurance and if there is any loss or damage (again a very rare occurrence), the CampervanCo or the insurance company will cover the costs – not you.

MOTs, servicing and registration with the DVLA can take up to two weeks and occasionally we experience delays from external party suppliers.

At The CampervanCo, we are consistently reducing our production-line times as we make continuous operational improvements and efficiencies. Our customer relations manager will update each customer at every milestone of their campervan’s progress and provide a realistic date of completion.

Non payments

In the event of a dispute or non payment, the CampervanCo has the option to withdraw and suspend the production of any vehicle, purchase of materials, optional finishes, accessories and labour until the agreed payments have been completed by the customer.

It is important for you to understand and agree that should you fail to pay CampervanCo in full the remaining pre-payments for the purchase of the van, then the return of the sums paid, excluding the non-refundable deposit, can only occur once the vehicle has been sold to ‘the new buyer’ for a minimum one month, taking into consideration statutory consumer rights to return a vehicle within one month of purchase.

We reserve the right to redeem any additional resale costs, reduction in value and admin fees associated with the re-sale of the vehicle and ensure that the new buyer is 100% satisfied with their purchase. The sales fees will not exceed 15% of the sale value. All costs associated with the sale will be calculated and communicated to you once the sale has completed in its entirety. The balance, less the non-refundable deposit will be payable by bank transfer or cheque.


At the CampervanCo we can introduce customers to an array of finance options that suit all types of borrowing and personal circumstances. Once we have received payment in full, any financial arrangement that you have made with any lenders ceases to be a matter for the CampervanCo.

The hand-over

It is crucial that you have a two-hour tour and hand-over of your campervan. We know you are keen to get on the open road, but it’s really important to fully understand how your campervan works to avoid any unnecessary damage you might cause or confusion that might arise  – there is a lot to take in on the first day.

We advise customers to stay over locally for a night (we can arrange a pleasant stay at one of many wonderful campsites in the area) and get a thorough test drive and understanding of the van’s features. That way if there are any issues, we are close at hand to explain how it all works. Please note we will give you manuals where appropriate that explain the many features of your campervan. Spending this key time with our friendly and knowledgable staff is by far the best way to explain the features so that you get the hang of your campervan as comprehensively as possible. There is no time limit for the hand-over and we are here to assist you until you feel confident and ready to head out on to the open road.

Campers care

We hope you will love the freedom and adventure your campervan gives you. We know that the better you look after your campervan, the more enjoyment you will get out of it. We offer campervan care packages for both mechanical servicing and habitation checks to make sure that you have peace of mind that you are safe on the road. Please be aware that if you have other companies work on your campervan, this may void your warranty. Please check in with our customer relations manager before you consider any servicing or repairs – we just want to be sure it is done by a competent technician.


At The CampervanCo, we fully appreciate that our clients may experience an unexpected change in circumstances and wish to sell, return or upgrade their campervan. We are happy to offer great trade-in prices if you wish to upgrade with us and welcome all campervans makes and models.

We also offer a great re-sale service, where our experienced and well-respected sales team will sell your campervan for you, covered by all our own warranties and esteemed technical support. We charge 15% commission for such sales which covers marketing costs and valeting. Additional costs may be incurred if repairs, parts or labour are required to sell the vehicle. This would be agreed after an inspection of the vehicle – the CampervanCo requires that all re-sale campervans undergo a full service and inspection. This and any repairs will be charged to the seller.

Once the campervan has been re-sold, the new buyer has a 30-day cooling off period in line with the Consumer Rights Act. Once the 30 days have passed, we will then issue payment minus the commission and any costs to the original buyer.

To conclude

Our aim with our terms and conditions is to be as open and transparent as possible. The team at the CampervanCo is proud to be customer focused and committed to making the customer journey a smooth one. We do our best to accommodate changes where we can and appreciate that customers can experience ‘buyer’s regret’ or a change in their personal circumstances. However, the CampervanCo cannot be left in a position whereby we lose money through no fault on our part. Our terms and conditions are set out to protect both parties, the buyer and the CampervanCo. When the customer wishes to proceed with a purchase and pays their 30% deposit, both parties will sign an agreement as set out in these terms and conditions.

We look forward to welcoming you to the CampervanCo and to helping you create a campervan that will provide you and your family with years of pleasure on the open road.

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