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VW Camper vs Hybrid Toyota

VW Campervan vs Eco Friendly Campervan

VW Transporter vs Hybrid Alphard Campervans

When we think of campers it would be just to consider the VW as the stand-out option for many, thanks to the original California range, a classic car and a piece of history. The idea of freedom and easy getaway with a range of base models to choose from, are just some of the reasons why people naturally flock to own a VW Camper.

There is no denying that the range of converted VW’s are a popular choice, but why is that? Over the years, the VW brand has become the norm for converted camper vans to both hire or purchase. However, there are lots more options on the market to be desired. We’re going to change your mind, and you might be pleasantly surprised.


Toyota Alphard petrol/electric hybrid campervans, like the ULEZ compliant Pioneer II, can deliver over 50mpg in real life testing. They can also run on electric only when travelling under 30mph. The Pioneer II is both better for the environment and for your pocket. According to car-emissions.com, the Hybrid Alphard delivers 49.4 mpg compared to 44.3mpg for the Volkswagen Transporter, which runs on diesel.

Style and Space

If you’re buying a VW camper based on looks alone, then our range of converted Toyota Alphard’s are much more likely to turn heads than a Transporter or Caddy ever will. The unique shape and those dazzling headlights will have you staring in awe.

Off-Grid Camper Van Electrics

While the VW Camper utilises gas and direct power hook-ups to make its internal aspects fully functioning, The Alphard Pioneer I harnesses its hybrid power to supply the internal facilities from the off-grid electrics set-up, while the Pioneer II uses a hugely powerful lithium battery which can last a week or more under normal use and is topped-up with a roof-mounted solar panel or the vehicle engine. It can also support off-grid 240v mains appliances. Instead of an open flame gas burner, at CampervanCo, we install super-fast and efficient induction hobs in the living space, meaning you can rustle up a meal in quick time and use the battery power you generated from driving to your campsite.

Do more with the off-grid electrics without worrying about running out of power, unlike prolonged use of the electric in the VW Camper without mainline hook-up from a designated camp site. While your induction hob is cooking up a meal, the inbuilt heating system keeps you warm and cosy. Watch your favourite TV show on your tablet, thanks to the conveniently placed usb ports keeping you charged.

Space to Move Around

Not to quote Doctor Who, but it is definitely more spacious inside. The Toyota Alphard Camper van conversion allows four people in the living space and sleeps four comfortably. The sofa bed conversion in the living area and pop-up roof gives you plenty of bed space for sleeping or relaxing. Need more height? Open the roof box to create a higher ceiling in the living area when no one’s sleeping above!

The Toyota Alphard Camper is customised to your needs too. You can choose the fabric and colours of your interior, and everything you need for you custom camping experience. This means it offers the style and functionality that fits your needs. Customising means you can be sure that your freedom and creativity is as unique as you are.

Drive Almost Anywhere

The Toyota Alphard Pioneer is a 2.4l 4×4 automatic hybrid petrol engine with a low gear mode that enables it to go anywhere. With it being a few centimetres narrower and shorter than the Transporter van it is more manoeuvrable and is happy being taken along narrow lanes or even off-road.

Take to the Road Sooner

The average waiting time for a new VW camper is over two years! Two whole summers before you can even begin to explore. By choosing the Hybrid Powered, spacious and stylish Alphard, you could be taking to the roads in your custom camper van in just ten months.

Let’s talk money?

Really, there’s not much to talk about when it comes to cost. It’s cheaper to purchase and run a Toyota Alphard from ourselves than to have a custom VW camper van conversion from majority of our competitors. The Toyota Alphard starts from just £29,995 converted.

So, you want to know anything more?

We hope if you’ve made it this far that you’ll see the reason to reconsider your camper van of choice. If you’re convinced that the Toyota Alphard is for you, speak to our team to start your conversion today.

Written by Francis Milligan