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  • Solar panel

  • 50mpg

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The Toyota Alphard Eco Pioneer II provides a new class of hybrid performance and battery technology that gives you a new level of freedom to experience the outdoors, completely off-grid but with the comforts of home.

Our R&D team at CampervanCo has integrated a new high power lithium 230 amp hour (Ah) 12 volt leisure battery which enables you to plugin 240v appliances, like a kettle, toaster or a laptop, and use the inbuilt hobs, refrigerator and climate control without the need for a mains hook-up. It can last over a week without charging, or longer if you opt for the discreet roof-mounted solar panels.

Like its predecessor, the living space gives you plenty of room, helped by our redesign of the kitchen units from lightweight materials to provide more usable space while improving your fuel efficiency further.

At night, when you’re ready to retire, your sleeping space transforms in seconds to create a custom-upholstered cosy double bed for a comfy night’s sleep.

When you’re ready to move on, the ULEZ compliant 4wd 2.4l automatic hybrid engine achieves around 50mpg in everyday use, an improvement of around 20% over the Alphard Pioneer I, and the engine automatically re-charges the habitation battery, so you are quickly ready to camp again. Also, at the flick of a switch, you can change to electric transmission only to eliminate any emissions and truly leave no trace.

The Toyota Alphard Eco Pioneer II benefits from the built-in features of its predecessor, including rapid induction hobs that can be used inside or out, it has loads of USB charging points, dimmable lighting and climate control, bringing comfort to your beautiful location.

Imported From Japan
A high-grade used vehicle converted to a high-spec ground-breaking design/upgrade.

2.4-litre petrol

Fuel economy
50mpg with 170bhp and 350bhp of combined power


4-star rating for emissions which are 75% lower than required by Japan’s 2005 Emission Standards, and 10% better than Japan’s 2010 Fuel Economy Standards. All base vehicles manufactured during or after 2006 conform to Ultra Low Emissions standards required, for example, by London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone ULEZ.

The 2.4-litre 2AZ-FSE petrol engine has been developed specifically for use in hybrid systems and features a high-expansion ratio cycle that raises efficiency and reduces friction.

Insurance & Road Tax
Classed as a campervan insurance Group 2. Road tax on these vehicles, as with all Japanese imports, is £295 per annum – regardless of fuel type.

Warranty & support
A year’s full mechanical warranty (extensions available) and two-years on the brand new vehicle conversions designed and built on CampervanCo’s production line. All warranty work is carried out by CampervanCo either at our HQ or by one of our authorised service centres across the UK. We can offer an additional service to enable collection and re-delivery of vehicles from customers for warranty work, if required. Please ask for details.

NCAP Crash Testing & Vehicle Registration
All vehicles comply to strict Japanese safety standards which means they comply fully with UK and EU safety standards. Our import service fully inspects, imports and registers all the vehicles into the UK market and they receive standard, age-relevant number plates.

The Toyota Alphard Hybrid is one of the most popular hybrid vehicles in Japan and incorporates Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive. This combines the power and convenience of a low-emission petrol engine and the economy and efficiency of an electric power capture and drive system. When the engine is running, it charges the battery via the generator; when driving conditions allow, such as in slow-moving traffic, the generator can cut out the petrol engine and let the electric motor take over for zero-emissions driving. The sophisticated engine management system can sense when the car is stationary and will switch off the engine to conserve power and cut emissions, automatically starting up again when required.

At The CampervanCo we have utilised this unique system to power our super-fast induction hobs, providing cooking power anywhere and anytime. The battery is kept well charged by the system, so a Hybrid Synergy Drive-equipped Toyota won’t need to be plugged into a mains supply to be recharged.

Features include:

Four-wheel drive

Elevating roof

Sleeps four people

230Ah 12v lithium leisure battery

2000W Victron energy inverter charger

Patented omni-slide cooker that allows cooking inside or out

240v safe, super-fast induction hob

Fridge with ice compartment and pockets on door for drinks

Modular kitchen units with unique and expandable storage options

USB docking stations for phones and electrical outdoor kit

240v sockets for use of mains appliances off-grid

Swivel front seat

Varitrak bed system

Removable table for use inside or out

Carefree table stow to rear door

Leisure battery with a range of sockets

Off-grid electric power for cooking and 13amp devices

No gas – safe and easy

Recessed kitchen sink with deluxe automated tap

Solid wood worktop extending length of kitchen area with solid wood cutting board

Built-in toilet (included in price)

Full-length overhead units with tambour doors and multi-functional storage options

Overhead LED lighting and spotlights to sides and roof

Onboard water tank with external filler cap

Extra wide ‘rock-and-roll’ double bed with expanding upper-body sleeping area

240v hook-up for a range of appliances from campsite electrics

150W standard solar panel + optional upgrade

Toyota Alphard Eco Pioneer

Black or brushed aluminum roof bars (elevating roof only)
C-rail (for stand-alone awning)
Solar panels
Bike racks (various)

13.1″ Multmedia radio SatNav
Multi-media centre (Eg DAB radio/DVD/SatNav)
Slow cooker
Additional Hob (240v)
Extra power sockets
Eberspacher heater
Front screens set

Available to Order

Toyota Alphard Hybrid Eco Pioneer II Commercial

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