Launch of Alphard Connect II - upgraded, High-tech ULEZ-friendly Campervan
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The Toyota Alphard Connect II: Your Ultimate Everyday Low-Emissions Campervan

CampervanCo, the trailblazers in hybrid and fully electric recreational vehicles, proudly present the Toyota Alphard Connect II. This remarkable campervan is a significant leap forward from its predecessor, the Connect I, which revolutionised family camping in 2013.

The ground-breaking Connect II offers a host of exciting upgrades and high-tech innovations including the revolutionary heated Thermo-roll bed. Designed by CampervanCo to offer luxury heat from renewable energy, this is a world beater in terms of zero-emissions luxury. Mounted on runners, the easily moved bed can be positioned for a range of uses, such as a bed, an adjustable family two-seater, pushed all the way forward to create a huge boot space or all the way back so you can add bikes or extra outdoor kit.

This pioneering RV is ideal for dog owners, cyclist and busy families who need a vehicle for every occasion – including school runs, shopping, outdoor activities and days or weeks away camping in style and comfort.

What makes the Connect II so exciting is the inclusion of incredible technology developed by the CampervanCo design team to continually push the limits of what is possible in a recreational vehicle – both in terms of functionality (by being able to cook inside and out) and the high-powered leisure battery system that is powered by solar energy.

Nearside view silver Toyota Alphard Connect II Campervan next to lake
The Connect II features the new Alphard body shape with ULEZ compliant engine.

For the first time, this amazing technology designed for their top-end Eco Campers range, is available in a low-emissions petrol version – offering luxury and cutting-edge green-tech at an affordable, everyday price. It even comes with a loo! Here’s what to expect in the wonderful Toyota Alphard Connect II campervan:

Upgraded Performance and Luxury

  • The Connect II is built on Toyota’s fully upgraded Alphard ANH20 base vehicle, ensuring better performance and enhanced luxury.
  • Say goodbye to emissions guilt! The ultra-low emissions petrol engine makes the Connect II fully compliant with LEZ (Low Emission Zone) and ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) standards.
  • Available in 2WD and all-wheel drive, this offers flexibility and the ability to go almost anywhere in your everyday campervan.
  • Family car fun with an incredible array of functionality – such as four-berth sleeper, cooking, refrigeration, kitchen storage, huge boot space, outdoor activity hub, office space and daily tasks such as shopping and taking the kids to school.
Rear nearside view of silver Toyota Alphard Connect II Campervan in garden park
Go from city to country, from school run to beach at the flick of an indicator switch. Space for four and room for bikes and kit. This is the ultimate getaway

Zero-Emissions Technology

  • CampervanCo’s commitment to sustainability shines through in the Connect II. For the first time, they’ve integrated cutting-edge, zero-emissions technology into a more affordable model.
  • The Connect II boasts a totally independent, high-powered leisure battery system that runs for days on renewable energy or charges quietly in the background as you go about your daily runs.
  • Cook, sleep, and live off the grid using clean, solar power. It comes as standard with 150 watt solar panel, with upgrade to 200 watts as an option.
  • The unique Thermo-roll heated bed heats you all night long using as little energy as possible, offering you nights of zero-emissions heating. Sleeping in the wilds has never been so comfy or cosy.
  • Cook on CampervanCo’s patented induction Omnislide cooker and eat anywhere, anytime without the need for gas! Safe, clean and easy cooking, inside or out.
  • Pack all your favourite drinks, food and ice-creams in the 50-litre electric fridge.
  • As standard, the super-functional Pioneer kitchen-unit system offers four levels of storage and easy access cupboards for loads of kit when you need it.
  • Plug in any 240v or 12v appliance for luxury anywhere or anytime. Our customers love taking away a projector for cinema magic out in the wilds, or plug in an air-fryer for quick, easy, healthy food to go. What you take with you, depends on your imagination.

Sink lid can also function as a chopping board in Toyota Alphard Connect II Campervan
The solid wood worktop offers luxury finish to the kitchen

Wide angle view from side door of the luxurious interior of the Toyota Alphard Connect II Campervan
The units are designed for space and practicality, with style.

Toyota Alphard Connect II Campervan interior from rear with bed down
The lower bed sleeps two adults, with a further two in the roof

Financial Perks

  • Worried about resale value? Fear not! Our Eco Pioneer II data reveals that new owners haven’t lost money; in fact, they’ve gained between 4-7% in value.
  • Unlike diesel vehicles which are depreciating at an increasing rate, the CampervanCo range are GOING UP in price!
  • Bid farewell to gas expenses. With zero gas required for cooking or heating, you’ll save around £60 every time you need a new gas bottle (assuming 4 camping trips per month you’ll need a new bottle every two or three months).

Practical Features

  • The Connect II is designed for ease. Its automatic gearbox ensures stress-free driving, while parking cameras and sensors simplify manoeuvring.
  • Accommodate your crew! Seating and sleeping for 4 people, plus ample storage space for kayaks, bicycles, and canoes.
  • Need versatility? Opt for the all-wheel drive option.

Experience the future of campervans with the Toyota Alphard Connect II. Adventure awaits! Designed with Nature in Mind. Built for everyday use – and more!

Written by gary.hayes