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  • The CampervanCo has teamed up finance experts Forward Asset Finance who tailor finance options to your specific circumstances and needs. They specialise in areas such as new and used car finance and business car finance and offer 24 trusted lending partners for every credit score. Forward Asset Finance offers a variety of personal loans and hire purchase options to suit a wide range of personal circumstances and monthly budgets.

    Hire purchase

    A hire purchase agreement is a fixed-cost, fixed-period loan of money to purchase goods. It is a ‘tri-partite’ agreement whereby a finance company hires the vehicle to the customer for an agreed period at an agreed monthly sum; the customer can gain ownership (title) by paying an additional sum called the option to purchase fee or purchase fee.

    Personal loans

    A loan of money to purchase any consumer item – including vehicles. The facility is widely offered by banks, building societies, direct lenders, and finance companies. Forward Asset Finance offer competitive quotes and their specialty lies in providing affordable vehicle finance.
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