What sets our Eco Campervans apart from traditional campervans? Discover how our design choices transform our campers into environmentally friendly leisure vehicles.
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Top 10 Campervan Eco Features

Top 10 Eco Features Included With An Eco Campervan

We often receive inquiries about what sets our Eco Campervans apart from traditional campervans. People are curious about how our design choices make our vehicles more environmentally friendly compared to standard campers.

Over the past two decades, we have invested over £1m in creating our campervan eco features and carefully selecting the right vehicles, establishing ourselves as leaders in the eco campervan conversion market. Here, we present our top 10 list of the most crucial ecological elements that make up an Eco Camper.


#10 Heating & Insulation

Heating the person instead of the space is a more economical approach, which is why our newer model campervans are equipped with heated beds, featuring three heat settings for each person.

The insulation of campervans is equally crucial to insulating a home. Our first task when customizing a new campervan is to install thick insulation material in the floor. Along with the fabric used to line the walls, this ensures a cozy and peaceful ride.

We also utilise low power, ceramic heaters to heat the individual's personal space, plus optional heated flooring.

#9 Solar Panels

Our Eco Campervans are equipped with solar panels that harness the power of the sun to charge the leisure batteries, ensuring that appliances are always ready for action with up to 330 watts of free energy generated during the day.

#8 Lithium Battery & Inverter

If you are generating a surplus of solar energy, it's essential to have a reliable storage solution. Unlike lead acid batteries, which offer efficiencies of around 80-85%, lithium-ion batteries are at least 95% efficient. This high efficiency not only allows for faster charging but also provides a more effective battery capacity, meaning you can store more energy.

In addition, our campervans are equipped with inverters that offer even more convenience. These inverters enable the leisure battery to be charged by the vehicle in the case of our hybrid campers. They also convert the power from DC to 230v AC, allowing you to connect and power mains appliances.

This means that campervans without an inverter or a battery large enough to power mains devices would require owners to purchase expensive specialist 12v or 110v DC appliances. Not only does this create additional manufacturing carbon footprints for items they mostly already own, but it also adds unnecessary costs.

#7 Regeneration Of Energy

This feature is integrated into EV electric vehicles, as well as Hybrid vehicles. It harnesses the energy that would otherwise be wasted during braking and deceleration, converting it into a charge for the vehicle battery. This innovative technology can increase a vehicle's range or MPG by 10-25%, depending on driving habits and terrain. Furthermore, if the leisure battery requires a top-up, it can also benefit from the regenerated power generated while driving.

#6 Re-use

Our self-charging hybrid vehicles are sourced from Japan, where we find high-quality used vehicles that are between eight and twenty years old. As there is currently a lack of suitable vehicles available in the UK, we believe that reusing these vehicles is a far more environmentally friendly option than creating new ones and scrapping older models. By giving these vehicles a new life, we reduce waste and minimize the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing new vehicles.

#5 Rejuvenation

When our vans leave our workshop, they are transformed into stunning vehicles that look as good as new. Our team of skilled mechanics and body shop experts work diligently to give each vehicle a fresh lease of life.

We meticulously improve the body work and conduct thorough checks on the mechanics to ensure that when our customers receive their campervans, they are in pristine condition and exude a sense of greatness. Additionally, we often enhance the vehicles with the latest technology, such as Apple Play and Android Car Play, added to the radio, providing our customers with the ultimate driving experience.

#4 No Gas

Our Eco Campers are equipped with induction hobs, a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to gas. These hobs are incredibly efficient as they direct all the energy into the pan, rather than wasting heat on the surface of the hob. This means that the hob remains cool to the touch and only absorbs residual heat from the pan.

We are proud to have pioneered our patented omni-slide hob, perfect for both indoor and outdoor cooking experiences.

#3 Under The Bonnet

The choice of base vehicle propulsion system plays a crucial role in determining the environmental friendliness of a vehicle. At our company, we are particularly fond of self-charging hybrid vehicles because they eliminate the need for individuals to remember to charge them. These vehicles effortlessly enhance their own efficiency with each mile travelled.

In comparison, a petrol-only vehicle achieves around 30mpg, while a self-charging hybrid vehicle can achieve an impressive 43mpg. Our latest Toyota Alphard Eco Pioneer II model takes it a step further, achieving over 50mpg. Additionally, we offer plug-in hybrid vehicles and have proudly developed the first all-electric campervan, which boasts zero carbon emissions.

#2 Light Weighting

One of the key challenges in the conversion of a campervan is to maintain its efficiency by reducing its weight, especially in the case of all-electric vehicles where the range should not be compromised. To tackle this challenge, we employ lightweight board materials that are skilfully crafted by our team of experts, ensuring a flawless and high-quality finish. Additionally, our beds are meticulously designed using cutting-edge computer technology and thoroughly tested materials, guaranteeing utmost comfort and durability.

#1 Modular Interior

Our innovative modular interior design allows for the ultimate versatility in a campervan. With the ability to easily remove and add the kitchen, bed, and additional seats as needed, our Eco Campervan becomes more than just a mode of transportation. It transforms into a city run-around, a reliable van, a spacious people carrier, and a fully functional campervan all-in-one.

By replacing multiple vehicles in a household, we not only reduce their manufacturing footprints but also decrease the overall number of vehicles on the road. Experience the convenience and eco-friendliness of our modular interior design, currently available on our all-electric Toyota Proace Eco Revolution and the upcoming Ford Tourneo Eco Evolution. This is the vehicle of the future - now

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