Pioneering technology

Experience the ultimate adventure with our revolutionary line of Converted Eco Campers at The CampervanCo. As trailblazers in the industry, we proudly introduce the world's premier fully hybrid and tribrid 4WD custom eco campervans, specially designed to redefine your travel experience.

Discover the pioneering Toyota Alphard models, the inaugural generation of eco-friendly vehicles that effortlessly navigate off-road terrains and secluded destinations, all while boasting unparalleled fuel efficiency. Immerse yourself in the allure of untouched landscapes, knowing you're treading lightly on the environment.

Our Converted Eco Campers not only embrace ecological consciousness but also provide expansive sleeping and living spaces thoughtfully equipped with independent electric cooking and food preparation facilities. Embrace the fusion of sustainability and comfort as you embark on your journeys.

Choose from our distinguished selection of Alphard variants: the Eco Pioneer, accommodating up to four adventurers, and the Eco Explorer, catering to groups of five. Both models are available in hybrid or tribrid configurations, adapting to your preferences while remaining eco-conscious. Every aspect of your campervan is meticulously tailored and converted to suit your unique requirements.
Elevate your travel escapades with Converted Eco Campers from The CampervanCo, where innovation, sustainability, and personalised comfort seamlessly converge. Experience the road less traveled while leaving a minimal ecological footprint – because your journey should be as remarkable as the destinations you explore.

Custom built

With all our converted eco campervans, we customise your vehicle to your specifications, keeping in mind how you want to use your campervan. We offer designs for hillwalkers, canoeists, cyclists, families, dog owners and ‘grey nomads’ (aka retirees), to name just a few groups who love our Custom Eco Campervans.

Due to ultra-low emissions, fuel efficiency and the fact that these vans are easy to drive and park, many clients use their van as a day-to-day runaround for the school run, supermarket shop or taking the pooch to the park. Then come the weekend, they pack up and head to the great outdoors for freedom and adventure.


Toyota Alphard - Eco Pioneer

Thanks to the Eco Pioneer’s new hybrid and tribrid technology, you can bypass campsites and immerse yourself in nature for a proper wilderness experience. There’s no need for 240v hook-up or gas, with power fully supplied inside. Cook inside or out with the omni-slide super-fast induction hob. Stay warm and snug with an inbuilt heating system, and charge up your tablet, laptop and smartphone with convenient USB points.

Toyota Alphard - Eco Explorer

The five-seater Eco Explorer is the ultimate city-to-country vehicle. Its low-emission, five seats and huge, adjustable boot-space make it the ideal family car about town with one exciting difference: it is also a spacious five-berth campervan. With two bed areas, cooker, fridge, swivel front seats and elevating roof, it is also the world's most versatile and technologically advanced custom eco campervan. And with prices starting at just £24,995, the peerless Eco Explorer represents exceptional value.

Ultimate freedom

There is nothing like the open road. Nothing like leaving behind the city for an adventure full of possibility – big skies, mountains, forest, wilderness, the sea. Taking off with everything you need right there with you in the rear-view mirror. No hotels required, no accommodation to find, no restaurants to book. Just you, your co-pilot, the kids, the dog and the road unravelling before you.

The Converted Eco Campervans range provides the ultimate freedom, as the hybrid and tribrid technology removes the need for gas or 240v hook-up. Combined with 4WD capability, you can get off the beaten track and really get into nature, leaving the 9 to 5 behind.


Innovative design: swivel seats, induction hobs, spacious beds and multiple storage options