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New Campervans for 2021

Given the restriction on movement and quarantine periods nations will choose to enforce, travelling abroad may not be on the cards for many of us this year.

Have you thought about planning the perfect staycation in the uk for 2021? The UK has so much to offer as a holiday destination, with beautiful beaches, national parks and scenic landscapes at every turn. A campervan holiday is without a doubt the best way to explore our incredible country. Soak in the UK’s stunning locations such as the Isle of Skye, the rolling hills of the Peak District, go on a search for Nessie in the Loch Ness, and hopefully enjoy some sun along the way.

Staycation in the uk 2021

We don’t know what the future holds but what we do know is that the time will come for travel and holidays again! And when it does, what will you be planning?

If you are planning to avoid travel outside of the country for an extended period, you might be in the market for a campervan – especially if you have your holiday refund cash already banked. 

Get behind the wheel in one of our luxurious campers.  Experience the ultimate freedom that comes with being able to pull over and set up camp wherever and whenever you choose.  Our campervans offer the perfect getaway for anyone who longs to explore.  Enjoy the rural sites and remote corners of Scotland and the rest of the UK whilst on the open road.

You can hire a campervan and discover and explore Scotland’s stunning scenery in our original Eco Camper. The Eco Pioneer is a 4WD hybrid Toyota Alphard that sleeps four, offering unbeatable fuel efficiency and a terrific experience on the open road. Easy to drive and easy to park, the Eco Pioneer provides the ultimate freedom as the world’s first completely independent, stand-alone campervan.

Or perhaps you have always dreamed of owning a campervan of your own? We currently offer 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive campervans in both unleaded and diesel

Campervan in scotland

With all our campervans, we customise your vehicle to your specifications, keeping in mind how you want to use it.  We offer designs for hillwalkers, canoeists, cyclists, families, dog owners and ‘grey nomads’ (aka retirees), to name just a few groups who love our campervans.

Due to ultra-low emissions, fuel efficiency and the fact that these vans are easy to drive and park, many of our clients use their camper as a day-to-day runaround for the school run, supermarket shop or taking the pooch to the park. Then, come the weekend, they pack up and head to the great outdoors for freedom and adventure.

Experience the great outdoors in one of our luxurious and stylish campervans.  Our bespoke campervans have been designed with you in mind and are fully equipped with everything you need to get you started on your adventure and are the ideal way to travel and explore whether it be a short mini-break or a longer holiday.

Here at CampervanCo we have a wealth of knowledge and experience of touring campervan holidays and are happy to share our experiences with you, whether you decide to stay in a well-serviced campsite or decide to discover wild camping at is best we have a build that will suit you.

Custom built, we source a base vehicle to suit your age and mileage preference or alternatively we may have a vehicle on it’s way that’s perfect for you and ready to be customised to your specification and lifestyle.

In these “staycation” times, we often have already converted and pre-loved campervans available to drive-away today. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and tell us what you are looking for.